The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Sunday, 15 April 2012

13th week done

I wasn't  feeling right this week which resulted in a lack of motivation and a mixed bag of training runs.
This is very unusual for me, especially with the Fling being less than two weeks away. It started on Tuesday when I couldn't get up for the early morning run, this meant I had to lug my kit to work and run in the evening, something I couldn't be bothered with. I ended up doing 8 miles in Kirkhill Forest but it took 2 or 3 miles before I got into some sort of stride. Another evening run on Wednesday, this time round the roads of Deershire. This was supposed to be 7 miles but was cut short to 5 miles due to almost being caught short. I knew something was not quite right.

A night out on Saturday meant the weekend back to back runs had to be brought forward. With three hours to run on Friday I had no choice but tackle it before work. I got up at half three and drove to work, parked up at five and began my city run. This is a training run I have done a couple of times before and is one of my favourites, running round Aberdeen watching the city wake up and start another day. It's still dark as I leave the Industrial Estate which is deserted and quiet apart from the bird song which is starting up. I'm in full winter kit as it's only 2 degrees c, that's what the car told me anyway. There are a few cars on the go, commuters that start their jobs early. I run through stoneywood, down muggiemoss road and head for the coast. Shutters are rolled up, doors unlocked, bundles of papers lifted in, trays of rolls delivered, sandwich vans filled up as businesses get ready to serve the North East. I cross the boulevard and head to the harbour where oilrig supply ships are moored, their diesel engines exhausting into the cold air. I have to take care crossing the roads which are much busier now. On Union Street and Broad Street I run past queuing people at bus stops, waiting slilently for their transport to work. I'm now on the return leg, heading back to Dyce and the weather takes a turn for the worse as I run up Midstocket Road. A short blizzard is endured before bright sunshine breaks through, talk about four seasons in one day. Springhill Road takes me to the Howes which just happens to be a childhood haunt of mine. This is the best part of the run as the Howes Road is closed to traffic. Back to Dyce via Stoneywood completes the run, plenty of time for a shower before starting work. I must admit though, my legs were rather sore that day.

With no time to travel, Saturdays run was done on the roads round Deershire. Once again the weather was cold, I'm getting fed up training in winter kit. I did 13 miles before returning home to refill the water bottle and get a bite to eat. I then went back out for another 8 miles. It was a battle of wills to drag myself back out as I was wet and getting cold, but this is all part of my training in keeping out of the comfort zone.

It's an easy week this week according to my training plan which is handy as I need to taper for the Fling. Hopefully I have done enough to have a comfortable race.

Mp3 of the week - Podcast 13.
Tues 8 miles  Wed 5 miles  Fri 17.17 miles 2.50.53  Sat 21.01 miles 3.29.15  Weekly total 51 miles.

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