The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Thursday, 5 April 2012


A cruel trick from mother nature threw most of Scotland back into the depths of winter after record March temperatures. Deep and drifting snow blew into Deershire on Monday. Although this should have been a day of rest, I had to collect my car from New Deer and decided to do a 3 mile run to get it. Making my way through the blizzard, it was a surreal run in the bright evening light which I really enjoyed.

Tuesday morning and I was up early for a 5 miler. The snow was as deep as ever so I had to run in the tyre tracks of early morning commuters. The roads were quiet due to the school holidays, I had to step off the road only a couple of times to let cars pass. On one section of road there had been no vehicles through at all so I took great delight running through the fresh snow.

Wednesday was 5 x mile splits which I did on the disused railway after work -
1) 8.12
2) 9.25
3) 8.10
4) 9.52
5) 7.55
6) 9.33
7) 7.52
8) 9.30
9) 8.10

Tonight I did 6 miles after work, taking in some offroad sections alongside the river Don. I am still aware of the sprained ankle and concentrated on landing my right foot on level ground. I felt quite tired on this run and put it down to training five days in a row.

I'm not sure where Iam going to run this weekend or whether it will be on or off road, I'll just take it as it comes.
Mon 03 miles  Tues 05 miles Wed 9.13 miles 1.20.01  Thurs 6.13 miles 1.00.15

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