The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Week 11 (back to running)

After the ankle sprain last weekend no milage was done through the week. A session was done at the gym on Wednesday night, a feeble attempt to build up some core strength. It's not my favourite place, I prefer being out in the fresh air rather than a stuffy room, soaking in sweat and watching the One Show, waiting for time to slowly tick past and make it a "decent" session. I let things go this week, injury being a good excuse for long lie ins, poor diet and alcohol consumtion. The alarm bells started ringing when Friday mornings weekly weigh in saw me put on 4 lbs. I'm not one for diversity when unable to run, the push bike does nothing for me and I don't like swimming so I have to get back to running as soon as possible.

Looking back, I realise another stupid mistake was made when I went over my ankle. I was running off the steep hill, trying to keep a good pace even when the surface was quite hazardous. Why? Its only numbers, mile splits, pace, time taken, distance run, for me its only numbers. I should have walked off the hill, nice and steady, sure footed. The extra 5/10/15 minutes taken would not have mattered, especially during a training run. My aim for the WHW race is to enjoy the whole occasion and experience. Time does not matter, as long as I finish under the time limit. I need to back off and not worry too much about times, I want to enjoy the experience without worrying what time I complete the run as once the finish line is crossed all I have is a number.

So Sunday morning and the training plan says 26 miles, hmm a Marathon with a recovering ankle. Now, the sensible side of me says "No", ease back into running and take things nice and easy. The reckless side says "Go For It", four weeks to the Highland Fling and the long runs must be done.

The reckless side won, Twenty Six miles it was, run mostly on road so I could look after the ankle. I took the phone just incase I needed rescued by the Mrs. The chosen route today just happened to be my last long run done last year before the Cateran. A dull and windy day running on the North East roads meant my mp3 player was used from start to finish. Podcasts 10 and 11 were listened to, thanks John for taking the time and trouble recording these, 2 hours 20 minutes of good advice is much appreciated and helped pass the time. I completed what turned out to be quite a dull run without incident.

Last weekend was a bit of a setback and I needed to complete this long run today to get my confidence back. I don't know when I will be able to head off road again, Thursday evenings are usually on trails but if I go over my ankle again I can wave goodbye to the Highland Fling.
Mp3 of the week, downloaded but not on my player yet - "Run to the Hills" Iron Maiden.
The numbers? Sun 26.53 miles 4.28.50  Weekly total 26.53 miles.

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