The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Sunday, 22 January 2012

First Week Done

It's been cold and wintery this weekend so a couple of character building runs were in store. On Saturday, the winter kit I was wearing struggled to keep out the cold strong wind. Running into the wind required double effort to keep moving more than walking pace. Sunday saw the winds ease a bit but there was a layer of deep slush and lots of standing water on the country roads. I thought I was going to get soaked by cars throwing water and slush up as they passed, most drivers however were very considerate and slowed down to avoid splashing me. That's the first week of ultra training done and my right leg seems to be okay.
For the time being training on the road suits me fine, but I will have to hit the trails again at some point.
SAT 7.10 miles 1.06.01  SUN 14.12 miles 2.21.44  Week total - 36 miles.

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  1. Great blog George.

    I've added your blog to the whw blog roll as requested.

    I'll look forward to following your progress as you train for and run the whw race 2012.