The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Sunday, 19 February 2012

5th week done

Donner kebab, chicken fried rice, fish and chips, cheeseburger, pizza, fried chicken, curry. No, not my ultra diet for the week although I do like to indulge in some of the above now and again. These were the collection of scents experienced on Friday nights urban run. I started straight after work in Dyce, my only sustenance being a banana. I arranged to meet my brother at his flat which was 3 miles into the run. He intended running an hour or so but ended up doing over 11 miles on only his third outing of the year, so well done to him. A short delay at his flat as I forgot how to take long exposures on the Canon camera, google to the rescue once more. It was a chilly evening and we decided to run to the beach, take some shots and return. Having someone to chat to made the run fly by and before we knew it we were on the promenade. Messing around with the camera added time to the run and I was aware how cold it was when we stopped to take a snap. A couple of shots, Aberdeen bay and the harbour tower...

The return leg went by quickly, I had 4 miles to do after getting back to the flat and leaving my brother. I ran round the outskirts of Dyce to make up the milage although the lack of food made it a slow jog. This was fixed by my wife who had a lovely pasta dish waiting when I returned home, spoiled or what?
Although I did not use my mp3 player this week there is a song stuck in my head from a previous run.
A more upbeat tune this time, "Help I'm Alive" by Metric.
FRI 18.30 miles 3.42.52  SAT 8 miles  Weekly total 45 miles.

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