The Deer Runner

The Deer Runner

Thursday, 23 February 2012


An easy week, 5 mile runs during the week for recovery. Doesn't feel like it. Back to the local roads on Tuesday morning and it was thick fog. I read somewhere you are not supposed to run in fog and can't remember why, but I ran anyway. Wednesday morning was a struggle to get up, left it as late as possible and then struggled to catch up with the rest of the day. Roll on spring, I need some daylight.

The Mrs fired a warning shot last night, conversation went -
Mrs - Doing your physio exercises?
Me - Nah.
Mrs - Why not?
Me - Can't find the time (as I sat on the laptop reading whw blogs).
Mrs - You've entered the biggest race of your life and your not doing your physio exercises?
I started doing physio exercises again.

Tonight I ran in Kirkhill Forest straight after work. A late finish meant my workmate could not make it so I ran alone. I decided to break in my recently purchased Hoka Mafate shoes as I was only running six miles. I was a wee bit apprehensive negotiating the muddy tracks with such thick soles as I have went over my ankle a couple of times here. No such worries though, they performed rather well considering the track was only lit by my one candle power head torch. The down side is they are a bit too small, so future purchases will have to be half a size bigger than my size nine.

Tues 5.27 miles 48.50  Wed 5.30 miles  Thurs 6.01 miles 1.00.36


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